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  • Window City Has The Best Windows for Your Home

    December 7, 2016 | Blog
  • Finding the perfect windows for your home isn’t as easy as it seems. There are so many different options available today that it can be pretty overwhelming to try to pick out the right one for your needs. Windows can be square, rectangular, octagonal and even triangular and that’s just the shape. Some windows open to the side, some slide up and others tip up like a canopy. Each of these diverse types of windows offer something special to a home, and only a homeowner that understands their options can make an informed decision to choose the right windows.

  • Choosing Windows Based on Cost

    If you’re trying to pick out the most affordable windows you’ll want to go with single hung over double hung. They are more affordable overall and most people are used to them since they are the more common window choice. Typically, single hung windows are about 20% more affordable than double hung windows.

  • Choosing Windows Based on Utility

    Double hung windows are the better option from a utility and maintenance standpoint. They are more versatile and easier to clean. You can get to each sash easily and clean both the outside and inside of the window comfortably from inside your home. You can also tilt the windows to allow a breeze in more effectively than you can with single hung windows.

  • Specialty Windows

    While single hung and double hung windows are the standard interior options, they are not the only options available from Window City of Cincinnati to adorn your home with. There are other choices that you can pick from as well when you’re looking for different styles and improvements to make.

  • Single Hung versus Double Hung

    Single hung and double hung windows are both really popular options available on the market at the moment. They are perceived as a more traditional option for allowing extra lighting, ventilation, and they are available in various sizes too. They are suitable for small bathrooms, hallways, and similar smaller spaces that may not accommodate a larger window.

    Single hung windows consist of two window sashes. Of which, the upper sash is fixed in place, and it does not move. The lower sash may be moved up and down. Double hung windows, on the other hand, consist of two window sashes that can both move. The top one can move down, and the bottom one can move up. This offers an increased amount of air flow.