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    November 15, 2016 | Blog
  • The weather and the elements in Cincinnati Ohio can be pretty harsh sometimes.  From extreme August heat to bone chilling cold winds, rains and even snow, your roof endures a lot.

    Is Your Roof Leaking?

    Have a problem and not sure who to call?  Water leaking through your ceiling?  Maybe water is seeping down between your walls. It could be a plumbing problem or it could be a problem that starts on the roof.

    If your roof flashing isn't properly sealed, you could be experiencing a leaky roof.  We are the premier roofing contractors in Cincinnati OH for all of your roofing repairs. We pride ourselves in being able to stop those impossible leaks no one else has been able to do! We are relentless when it comes to repair because we know and understand the frustration that comes with a leaky roof. We focus on your individual needs and give personal attention to every detail because we set high standards on our services and the products we use.

    Hail damage?  No problem.  Our experts know exactly what to look for and how to fix your hail damaged roof.

    The last wind storm damage your roof in Cincinnati?  You're not alone as we get several calls and inquiries from people in the same exact situation as you.  Our expert roofers have decades of experience and know precisely how to fix your roof. 

    When You Need a Roof Repair

    Window City of Cincinnati is the place to call.  Our team of roofing experts will be on and off the job in as little time as possible.  

    Rest assured that no other roof repair contractor in Cincinnati Ohio will complete your job faster than we will.  Our cleanup crew is impeccable and we leave no trace behind. All of the waste is hauled off and swept up.  No nails or roofing materials or shingles will be left on your property when we are finished with the job.  Count on us to be the best roofing contractor you've ever had term pleasure of doing business with. We look forward to earning your business and your trust.